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  • Clean Language

    Clean Language

    Unlocking the power of Questions: A Coach’s Toolkit Forget advice, ditch directives! Questions are the secret weapon in a coach’s arsenal. Why? Because they empower clients to discover their own answers, unearth hidden insights, and chart their unique path forward. But asking good questions? Not always easy. We battle closed-ended queries, unconscious biases, and that…

  • Enter the Strategy Sprint

    Enter the Strategy Sprint

    Oh Gosh, it is that time again. Strategy days … 😱 Sounds familiar? Strategy formulation within companies is often a daunting task, encompassing various facets such as business, product, technology, and organizational strategies. It’s a laborious process, with no definitive playbook on how to approach it. The ambiguity surrounding the concept of strategy itself—what constitutes…

  • Strengthening the Delegation muscle : 7 steps to Freedom, Growth, and Leadership

    Strengthening the Delegation muscle : 7 steps to Freedom, Growth, and Leadership

    Leadership isn’t just about titles and authority; it’s about creating space for others to grow and shine. Delegation, often seen as a mere task-management tool, is in fact a powerful leadership practice that transcends simple workload distribution. It’s about empowering individuals, nurturing potential, and inspiring the next generation of leaders. By delegating effectively, you give…

  • Nurturing leadership excellence

    Nurturing leadership excellence

    As seasoned Agile coaches, we are committed to enhancing team dynamics and driving organizational success. Drawing inspiration from Ruth Wageman work in the book “Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Great,” we recognize the importance of establishing clear and consistent leadership team norms. These norms, or shared expectations about behavior, lay the…

  • Coaching R&D teams

    Coaching R&D teams

    After my talk at ProductWorld2023 I received a lot of questions, amongst which this one from Abdelillah HASSAM ! “ Might be a wrong question but that’s why I wanted to ask it to you Rachel Dubois. I notice that your are an agile coach for R&D teams.. Do we coach R&D teams the same…

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