FUEL your Coaching toolkit! 🚀

Are you ready to take your coaching sessions to unprecedented heights?

In this Tools & Tips article, we unravel the transformative power of the FUEL coaching model developed by John Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett. Originating from their book « The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow, » FUEL offers a dynamic and adaptable framework for coaching.

Less known than the GROW framework – which serves specific goal-centric business needs, FUEL is a versatile conversation framework designed to achieve behavioural outcomes, challenge assumptions, and strengthen the coach-coachee relationship.

FUEL is lightweight and easy to remember, and it stands out for its applicability across a spectrum of coaching interactions, from manager-initiated and employee-initiated sessions to performance coaching, career coaching, reinforcing feedback, and redirecting feedback. This adaptability distinguishes FUEL from the GROW framework, which is more oriented towards coachee-initiated coaching conversations, thereby limiting its applicability.

FUEL Framework: A Deeper Dive

Example with a 45-60 minutes session.

  1. Frame the Conversation (5 minutes): Establish a safe atmosphere for outlining the purpose, process, and expected outcomes. Move beyond traditional goal setting to address issues like delivering feedback, development plans, and performance appraisals. Sample Questions:« What is the most important thing for us to focus on? »« By the end of the conversation, what would you like to accomplish? »
  2. Understand the Current State (15 minutes):Challenge assumptions to reveal underlying patterns or beliefs influencing behavior.Increase coachee’s awareness of themselves and the present state.Sample Questions:« How do you see this situation? »« What impact is this having on you? On others? »
  3. Explore the Desired State (15 minutes):Create a vision of success from the coachee’s perspective.Facilitate the coachee in considering their ideal state and setting goals.Sample Questions:« What would your ideal state look like? »« What are your goals? What would you like to accomplish? »
  4. Layout a Successful Plan (15 minutes):Develop and agree on an action plan and timelines.Identify roadblocks, enlist support, and set milestones for follow-up and accountability.Sample Questions:« What specific actions will help you achieve your goal? »« Who can support you in moving forward? »

Example Applications for FUEL:

  • Providing tough performance feedback
  • Assessing continuous learning and development for team members
  • Specific skill development discussions
  • Career planning conversations
  • Resolving performance issues related to relationships or task problems

As you weave the FUEL framework into the fabric of your coaching repertoire, witness the transformation in your sessions. Fuel success, challenge assumptions, and sculpt a path for continuous growth. Whether it’s a manager-initiated discussion or a coachee seeking performance enhancement, FUEL’s adaptability makes it a true game-changer. Ready to embark on a coaching journey like never before? 🚀✨

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